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Before Deciding

When our representatives are making important decisions that impact all of our lives I believe it is important to ask one basic question before making
those decisions,
Is this good for
the children?

Just imagine what our world would be like if that question was asked prior to making decisions about going to war, the environment, education or healthcare.


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10/30/2017:  Women's Spaces celebrates its 5th Anniversary returning to Radio KBBF for a weekly live 1-hour show at 11am, repeating at 11pm.

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Archived broadcast TV shows of Women's Spaces with host Elaine B. Holtz of 2014

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Description Min.
11/21/14 Dianna L. Grayer on Women's Spaces TV Show Journaling to Tranform Your Self-Esteem
Guest Dianna L. Grayer, Ph.D., talks about her new book Journaling - A Workshop to Transform Your Self-Esteem

Journaling: A Workshop to Transform Your Self-Esteem by Dianna L. Grayer

Show ID: WSS141121
10/23/14 Kenna Lee & Elaine Booth on Women's Spaces The People's Climate Change March Report uests Kenna Lee & Elaine Booth

Reporting as Marchers in the Peoples' Climate March in New York City 9/21/14

Show ID: WSS141023
8/29/14 Debbie Meagher and Vicchi Oleski Women in Business - Challenges and Inspirations Guests Vicchi Oleski, Founder of the Sonoma County Healing Academy, and Debby Meagher, Owner of Coffee Catz, both in Sebastopol,CA, discuss the challenges and inspiring times as women in business. 

Show ID: WS140824
8/1/14 Linda Sartor on Women's Spaces TV Show Turning Fear Into Power: One Woman's Journey Confronting the War on Terror - by the Author Linda Sartor Guest Linda Sartor discusses her new book  Turning Fear Into Power:
One Woman's Journey Confronting the War on Terror

Turning Fear Into Power: One Woman's Journey Confronting the War on Terror by Linda Sartor

Show ID: WS140801
6/13/14  Gkail Raborn on Women's Spaces TV Show Can you heal your past?  Guest Gail Raborn, clinical hypnotherapist, educator and writer, on tranforming out of upsets and traumas with heightened self-esteem.  Gail will be a regular monthly guest on Women's Spaces Radio Show on Radio KBBF 89.1 FM (Monday 11 to noon.)

Show ID: WS140613

5/26/14  Kate Farrell on Women's Spaces TV Show The Times They Were A Changing - Women Remember the 60's and 70's Co-Editor Kate Farrell discusses the new book that recalls life-changing experiences that led women to increased independence, self-awareness, and transformation, which affected careers, roles in a society, inner lives and left a legacy.

Times They Were A-Changing-- Women Remember the 60's and 70's

Show ID: WS140526
5/9/14 Evelina Molina on Women's Spaces Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez (2000-2013) as his 14th birthday approaches As we approach the 14th birthday that Andy Lopez could have celebrated if he was not shot with 8 bullets and killed by a Sonoma County Sheriff Deputy last October on a sunny afternoon in an empty lot in his unincorporated neighborhood within southwest Santa Rosa, our guest Evelina Molina of the Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez discusses the coalition's work and upcoming events.

Show ID: WS140509
5/8/14  Elaine B. Holtz  Make me an Instrument of Your Peace   Elaine B. Holtz, host of Women's Spaces, makes a Commentary on the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.   

Show ID: WS140508
4/25/14  Elise Howard and Megan Kaun  Save Our Water  Guests Elise Howard of Santa Rosa City Water and  Megan Kaun, Committee Coordinator, Save Our Water (SOW) discuss the serious drought actions in Sonoma County, California

Show ID: WS140425
4/4/2014 Margaret Koster Move to Amend - Sonoma County -
Ending Corporate Rule & Realizing Democracy
Guest Margaret Koster on "Challenging Corporate Rule & Creating Democracy" with the Constitutional Amendment via Move to Amend.

Show ID: WS140404
3/28/2014 Tanya Narath on Women's Spaces Creating Sustainable Communities Guest Tanya Narath discusses how the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy educates, connects and inspires leaders to create a sustainable community.  Tanya Narath is the Executive Director, CEO and a Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy.

Show ID: WS140328
3/24/14 Laura Polak on Women's Spaces Holistic Wellness Guest Dr. Laura Polak, DC, discusses her journey to establishing  Radiant Health - A Holistic Community Health Center

Show ID: WS140324
3/14/2014 Caroline Banuelos on Women's Spaces Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force of Sonoma County Guest: Caroline Banuelos, Chair of the Taskforce, gives an overview of the Sonoma County task force on Community and Local Law Enforcement, which was created following the tragic shooting death of Andy Lopez by a Sonoma County deputy sheriff to address four important issues necessary for community healing through the convening of 21 representative members of the community and ultimately making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. The Task Force has been created for a one year period that will conclude December 31, 2014.

Show ID: WS140314
2/28/2014 Ann Wright on Women's Spaces  Peace Activist reporting on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla
Guest Ann Wright (Col.ret. US Army) discusses what she saw as the Israelis attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

Show ID: WSS140228
2/21/2014 Deb Fudge on Women's Spaces Deb Fudge - 4th District Candidate for Sonoma County Supervisor Guest Deb Fudge discusses her  Candidacy for Sonoma County Supervisor of the 4th District

Show ID: WS140221
1/31/2014 Ida M. Johnson on Women's Spaces Show Motivation to Start and Produce a Show Guest Ida M. Johnson, Producer and Host of the TV Show What's Hot at the Communtiy Media Center of the North Bay, discusses her motivation to start and produce a show.

Show ID: WS140131
1/24/2014 Kathleen Barry on Women's Spaces Prostitution and Human Rights Kathleen Barry discusses prostitution as a violation of fwhat she says is "the human rights of those purchased by the act of making the purchase and the act of the sex engaged by the purchaser." She announced the new movement Abolish Prositution Now http://abolishprostitutionnow.wordpress.com/

Show ID: WSS140

1/17/2014 Susan Lamont on Women's Spaces Show Debut of the New Press North Bay / Nueva Prensa Bahia del Norte Guest Susan Lamont, co-Founder of the New Press North Bay and Journalist, discusses the starting of a new alternative news paper in the San Francisco North Bay.

Show ID: WS140117
1/10/2014 Elaine B. Holtz (Mother in White) at Sonoma County Supervisors meeting regarding the kiling of Andy Lopez
Elaine B. Holtz sitting as Mother in White at the Sonoma County Supervisors Meeting - Photo Kent Porter/Press Democrat

Why I Chose To Be Active in a Community Matter
The Show's host Elaine B. Holtz comments on why she chose to be active in the community matter of the killing of the 13-year old boy Andy Lopez by Sonoma County Sheriff Deputy Erich Gelhaus on a sunny afternoon in the Southwest neighborhood of a still unncorporated island of Santa Rosa in October 2013.

Andy Lopez 2000-2013
Andy Lopez 2000-2013

Grieving parents Rodrigo and Sujey Lopez at the casket of the their son Andy Lopez
Grieving parents Rodrigo and Sujey Lopez at the casket of their son Andy Lopez - Photo Kent Porter/Press Democrat

Link: http://justicecoalitionforandylopez.com
Show ID: WS140103
1/3/2014a Kate Weber on Women's Spaces Show Rape in the Military Guest Kate Weber, Protect Our Defenders Advocacy Committee member, Awarded Woman Veteran Leader of the Year 2013 by the California Department of Veteran Affairs, discusses her personal story of assault and the failurer of support from the military chain of command. She supports Senator Gillibrand’s Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA). Kate is a fierce advocate for victims of military sexual assault. She appeared in the Oscar nominated documentary, “The Invisible War”.

Guest Links:
Protect Our Defenders website

IMBD website on the film The Invisible War

Show ID: WS140103a
1/3/2014 Elaine B. Holtz, host of Women's Spaces Show Commentary

Wrapping up the Year 2013
Host:  Elaine B. Holtz talks on the highlights of the Year 2013

Show ID: WS140103


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